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Transfer Training


The aim of this formative day is to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to take part in the safe transfer of a critically ill or injured patients.

100 Yard Rule

The principles of safe transfer are universal. You are about to take a patient from a place of safety and put them in danger by undertaking a transfer. The principles applied to every transfer must be the same whether it’s a hundred yards or a hundred miles. The day concentrates on transferring level three (Intensive Care Society, Levels of care) patients on the basis that it allows candidates to consider whether they possess the full skill set to safely transfer them.

Group Size

Transfer is a practical skill and group size is strictly limited to facilitate and encourage active participation.


Structure of the day

The day begins with an introductory lecture into the principles of safe transfer and some of the respective guidelines.

Two workshops follow:

Human Factors: - a brief introduction to human factors and crew resource management.

Equipment: - takes a comprehensive look at the equipment provided by the critical care network and equipment required for safe transfer of the critically ill adult.

The candidates then get the chance to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained in the morning sessions by taking part in a simulated case study. Working in smaller teams the candidates will be expected to take part in a transfer and provide feedback to other candidates.

Notes for Managers

The purpose of this day is to provide relevant healthcare professionals with an increased knowledge, skills and awareness of the dangers involved in transferring the critically ill patient. Completion should not be viewed as an external validation of an individual’s competence as there is no assessment process.