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Mentor Information

The competency component of the Skills Institute Critical Care Course depends on the hard work and commitment of the students and the work-based mentors.
The learner and mentor must negotiate time together to complete the competency document. This needs careful planning as the time-input required can be significant.
The local Practice Educators in Critical Care are required to maintain a "live" register of those mentoring within their workplace area for the Critical Care Course. Individuals wishing to become a mentor for the course must have an active mentor qualification and current NMC registration. Mentors remain "live" for a period of three years, after which they must undertake a short mentor update with the Skills Institute.  

Any individual wishing to become a mentor for the course must in the first instance approach their Practice Educator.

The Mentor Role

  •  Act as a Role Model
  • Dedicate time with the student
  • Provide advice and support
  • Teach and assess in the clinical area
  • Maintain a clear understanding of the mentorship / assessment process
  • Advising on pre course study and assignments (in conjunction with academic advisor)
  • Liaise with other mentors / Practice Educator / Academic Advisor
  • Ensure summative assessment of practice competence is appropriately completed


Mentor Update 

Approximately 2 hours - please confirm with Skills Institute regarding start and finish times

Learning Outcomes: Define the overall aim of the Critical Care Course

  • Discuss the Programme documentation
  • Identify Learning Outcomes
  • Describe the study days
  • Examine the role of the student representative
  • Discuss student evaluation
  • Define the learner/mentor roles and responsibilities
  • Outline qualifications required of the mentor
  • Analyse the taxonomic scale
  • Discuss the Competency Document
  • Examine ways students are assessed in practice
  • Describe the academic options for learners

If you are booked on a mentor update session and are unable to attend please let the Skills Institute and your Practice Educator know as places are limited


Dates for Mentor Updates:

Please contact

Useful documents

Step1Comp Doc 2016
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RCN Mentor Toolkit
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NMC Standards