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I AIR Course

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The Critical Care Skills Institute has been delivering competency based training to Critical Care staff for almost 20 years and in 2011 collaborated with the Manchester Metropolitan University to offer accreditation for these modules. Through on-going evaluation with learners, practice educators, lead nurses and the university a separate module for practitioners outside of critical care has been developed.


The Acute Illness Recognition (AIR) module has evolved to better meet the needs of practitioners outside of critical care, offering a deeper pathophysiological understanding of the development of acute illness/deterioration and reinforcing the structured assessment. A review of NICE Clinical Guidelines 50 in 2016 reinforces that the identification of deterioration and the appropriate escalation of these patients remain an issue in current practice. This module intends to support the practitioners by reinforcing the systematic assessment, offering initial management/intervention based on current evidence and strengthening the communication process to the most appropriate individual.


The study days will follow a systems/ABCDE approach, strengthening the concepts delivered in the AIM day.

Self-directed Study

There are self-directed study days allocated within the timetable, these have been factored in to allow you as a learner time to review the evidence base of the subjects covered and complete further work as you require individually. The practice educators will be available to support you in this as required, the self-directed study should be evidenced within a portfolio which will provide evidence of continuing professional development. There are pre-course materials available on the Greater Manchester Critical Care Skills Institute website which you are able to access to enhance your learning.


Contacts/MANMET Links

Programme Leader: Samantha Cook


MANMET Link Tutor:       Jed Finch



Skills Institute Administrator:  Yvonne Burgess