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Maternal AIM 

The Maternal AIM course has been developed following the most recent Confidential Enquiry in to Maternal Death  (CMACE, 2011). 

The report outlined key priorities related to managing acute illness in this patient group which included identifying and managing deteriorting illness.

If you would like to attend a course or are interested in delivering the course in your organisation.....

If you work within Greater Manchester and would like to attend an AIM Course please contact your local AIM Lead

If you are interested in delivering AIM within your organisation please follow link to find out more information about setting up an AIM Licence.

The aims of the one day course are:


  • To optimise the outcomes for women at risk of developing acute illness
  • Enhance the knowledge, confidence and performance of ward staff dealing with acutely ill women
  • Ecourage teamwork and communication
  • Promote a multidisciplinary approach to care
  • Maximise the efficient use of critical care services
  • Address clinical governance and risk
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The day is a blend of lectures, workshops and simulated learning which embeds the ABCDE approach to assessment and management of maternal women who have deteriorating illness.

Prior to the course candidates are provided with a comprehensive manual which provides underpinning knowledge to support the day and ongoing learning.

The course prepares candidates to undertake at the end of the day an MCQ and  simulated scenario assessment.

There is no cost for courses for staff working in Greater Manchester hospitals and carry a small charge for those working in other areas.

To get further information on courses please contact