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Clinical Support Worker AIM 

The Clinical Support Worker's AIM Course has been designed to develop the skills and knowledge of staff in recognising the signs of deteriorating illness and to understand their role within the escalation process.

The course has been specifically developed for clinical support staff who currently undertake clinical observations as a key component of their role.


Course Information 

The aims of the day are to:
•   Identify patients at risk of acute illness

•   Describe a systematic approach to assessing acutely ill patients

The day is a blend of lectures, workshops and simulated learning which embeds the ABCDE approach to assessment and management of patients who have deteriorating illness.

Prior to the course candidates are provided with a  manual which provides underpinnig knowledge to support the day and ongoing learning. Incorporated in the manual is a competency framework which should be completed in the clinical area following attendance of the course.


Clinical Support Worker AIM courses are run in several Trusts across Greater Manchester

To get more information please contact your local AIM Lead