AIM Train the Trainers

This is a one-day course held at the Critical Care Skills Institute to train and support potential faculty to deliver the AIM course. It is suitable for those who are new to delivering the AIM course and wish to develop their teaching skills. It is generic for Adult AIM, Clinical Support Worker AIM, Maternal AIM, and Paediatric AIM courses. To access Train the Trainers you need to have attended an AIM course and have gained an understanding of the format of the course. Nominations for the course are to be put forward by the local AIM Lead/AIM Champion who will have identified you as "Instructor Potential".

Those with GIC/experienced at teaching need not attend Train the Trainers to qualify to deliver AIM courses. However, it is essential that you have observed a course being run prior to joining the faculty. If in doubt, please contact your local AIM Lead in the first instance, who may wish to contact the Skills Institute to confirm the situation.

Content of the course

  • Outline of AIM course
  • Overview of teaching and learning
  • How to deliver a workshop
  • How to facilitate scenarios
  • How to facilitate testing/assessments

All Train the Trainer candidates will be given a logbook, with a requirement to teach on a further two AIM courses

A certificate of competence will be issued on completion of the logbook

To maintain instructor status you need to teach on a minimum of two AIM courses per year (these can be Adult, CSW, Maternal or Paediatric courses)

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Train the Trainers -  dates

Next dates for AIM Train the Trainers (AIM Licence-holders only)

Thursday 2nd May (Skills Institute) - contact          FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 7th May (Coventry) - contact   

Wednesday 5th June (Skills Institute) - contact       FULLY BOOKED 

Monday 24th June (Skills Institute) - contact           FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 26th June (Skills Institute) - contact LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE

Friday 5th July (Poole) - contact

Thursday 11th July (Skills Institute) - contact FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 15th October (Coventry) - contact

Wednesday 30th October (Poole) - contact

Thursday 15th August (Skills Institute) - contact

Friday 13th September (Skills Institute) - contact

Meet the Team

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Angela Whitehouse

 (Train the Trainers Lead)

Karen Hassall                        Jill Din                        Katie Howell