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AIM Licence

Thinking of setting up a licence agreement?

If you are looking to deliver AIM within your organisation, you would need to sign a licence agreement with the Greater Manchester Critical Care Skills Institute. The agreement is currently set up free of charge to National Health Service Trusts, has a validity period of approximately 4 years and must be signed by a senior person who can take responsibility for the running of the course within your organisation. 

The licence agreement would cover Adult (qualified staff), Clinical Support Worker (HCAs), Maternal, and Paediatric AIM. There is a Quality Strategy linked with the course, which needs to be adhered to. On expiry of the licence we would contact you to confirm your details are still the same and check that you wish to continue running AIM, before drawing up a licence renewal.


The cost involved in running AIM is that any printed materials are to be purchased from us (candidates should be provided with an AIM manual prior to attending the course), plus there is a charge for training the trainers. To order manuals, or to attend Train the Trainers, you must be an AIM licence-holder.


Potential faculty with GIC qualification (or experienced ALERT trainers) would need to observe an AIM course before teaching, so they understand the structure and nature of the course. Other potential faculty would need to attend, or at least observe, an AIM course and then attend Train the Trainers.


You would be expected to keep records of candidates and faculty on each course, and we may from time to time request data from you, for example how many courses have run, how many candidates successfully completed.


To set up the licence agreement, we would need the following information:-

-          Full name and address of the Trust

-          Name and position of the person signing on behalf of the Trust

-          Identified hospital sites where AIM will be taught


Once the agreement is signed up by both parties, we will send you a disc/discs of materials and arrangements can be made for training your staff to teach AIM as required.


If there are any further details you require, or you have any specific questions relating to AIM, please contact


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