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Advancing Module

Welcome to the Advancing Module


By now you will be registered and inducted onto the module and will have access to the study day web pages which contain all the relevant information and documents to support your studies.


It is strongly recommended you interact with these pages as they will contain the contents of the study day, the slides which will be used on the day which you can print off if you wish, work which you can complete to aid your learning, links to other websites which our educators think are of value to your learning experience and articles which are recommended.


There will be some supporting tasks for you to complete, this may be in the form of a workbook or a presentation for you to work through with question and answer sections which you may need to complete and bring a certificate of completion to your study day, it is imperative you do this as when you arrive for your study day there will be an expectation you have completed this work and have a level of knowledge around the subject already, therefore you may be tested as a refresher of your knowledge, this may jeopardise your learning experience on the study day if you have not completed work as required.