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Academic Courses

The Greater Manchester Critical Care Skills Institute in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University delivers academic courses in both Critical Care and Acute Illness Recognition. Both courses supply a perfect mix of academic study and practical application in the clinical environment, which has benefits to both the practitioner’s professional development and the quality of patient care delivered.

Critical Care Programme

This 12 month course is aimed at those working within Critical Care and is delivered over two 30 credit modules. The programme focuses upon the underpinning pathophysiology and theory to promote a deeper understanding of critical illness and the role of the nurse in its management. The programme also uses the National Critical Care Competencies to align theory and clinical practice. The course can be undertaken at Level 6 or, if the candidate meets the specified criteria, at Level 7 leading respectively to the Certificate in Professional Studies in Critical Care (Level 6) or Postgraduate Certificate in Critical Care (Level 7).

Acute Illness Recognition (AIR)

This module is aimed at staff working in an acute clinical environment and is designed to assist in the development of those skills required to recognise and manage the deteriorating patient. The module has evolved to better meet the needs of practitioners outside of critical care, offering a deeper pathophysiological understanding of the development of acute illness/deterioration and reinforcing the structured assessment. On successful completion, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and 20 credits at Level 6.