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About us

The Critical Care Skills Institute (CCSI) was established in 2001 to provide competency based training for multi-professional critical care staff in Greater Manchester. We are a unique organisation in the National Heath Service which bridges the gap between theory and practice utilising skilled Practice Educators. In 2007 the CCSI became part of the Greater Manchester Critical Care Network.

For 10 years the Critical Care Skills Institute provided competency based education and training to staff working in critical care environment units across Greater Manchester. The success of this was recognised by hospitals and universities alike, this recognition progressed to the development of a collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University and in 2011 a new Acute & Critical Care Programme was commenced allowing students to gain both academic and clinical competence in keeping with the Critical Care National Educational Standards. This was further developed in 2016 and tailored purely for staff caring for Level 3 patients. A separate course called Acute Illness Recognition (AIR) was developed for practitioners outside of critical care.

The Critical Care Skills Institute also recognises the importance of training ward staff in recognising and responding to the acutely ill patient. The development of our Acute Illness Management (AIM) course has been an enormous success and is delivered in all Greater Manchester Trusts and Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University as part of the pre-registration nursing and physiotherapy programmes.

The success of AIM since 2004 has generated the development of several other courses to add to our AIM Family:

All of these courses are now the course of choice in Acute Illness Management for many hospitals further afield stretching from the South Coast to Scotland.

At the CCSI our aim is to:

  • Be a centre of excellence for the development and provision of critical care and acute care education for healthcare staff including, nurses, allied health professionals, healthcare support workers and medical staff.
  • Deliver training through our Practise Educators and other specialist trained staff across Greater Manchester. 
  • Support the development of a competent workforce that is fit for practise in all acute areas. This will be achieved by the development, delivery, implementation and evaluation of education and training programmes.
  • Provide a valuable resource to support healthcare organisations in the training of staff to fulfil national guidance and clinical governance in relation to acute/critical care.
  • To disseminate programmes of excellence in education that provides quality care throughout all our healthcare organisations.